A first of its kind, Dwel (short for Dwelling) is a platform that facilitates better household management, better communication between family members and a better lifestyle.

Designed to streamline and automate household activities such as meals preparation, house chores, record keeping, budgeting, document management, and a few others, Dwel is an operating system for your home life.

Usually, an operating system is something that allows us to operate a device – like Android for phones, or Windows for computers.

Unlike those operating systems, Dwel is not tied to any particular device. It is a virtual operating system and it’s accessible through any device that has a web browser.

Dwel is a web app, or rather a suite of web apps, designed specifically to help you streamline and automate your home life.

If the idea of running and maintaining an efficient household appeals to you, Dwel has much to offer, whether you’re a large family, a couple, or a single individual.

Currently, Dwel consists of the following apps:

Binder – a document management system, to help you organize your info and photos

Budget – a finance management system, to help you spend money smartly and save more

Events – a shared calendar, to keep track of important family events and appointments

Food – a complete food planning and cooking system to make a chef out of anyone

Tasks – a task management system, to help you keep up with your chores and errands

Shopping – a shopping list for groceries and other consumables you buy on regular basis

Notices – a message board for household members, to replace sticky notes on the fridge

Market – a social media-style app, to show you special offers from your local shops

Admin – the system setup and configuration management app. The guts of your Dwel

Home Page – the main screen with app shortcuts and widgets. The dashboard of your Dwel

A number of other exciting new apps are planned for the future releases of Dwel.

Unlike the majority of popular cloud-based apps, Dwel is a stand-alone, self-contained piece of software that is exclusively yours – you do not share it with anyone other than the members of your household.

Dwel is free. You may download and set it up at a qualified web hosting service provider of your choice.
There’s no advertising that’s shoved in your face, and no obligations on your part.
There are paid add-on services you may choose to sign up for, but if you don’t, there still won’t be any ads or anything to pay for. 

The only cost involved in running your Dwel is between you and your web hosting service provider.
If, for some reason, you’re not happy with your web host, you can pack up your Dwel and move it elsewhere.

Hosting your own web software is more involved than using services like Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, etc., however there’s one huge advantage – privacy. There are no ‘big brothers’ who can use your data for their own ends – not even us! All information in your Dwel is yours, and no one else has access to it.

Dwel combines the convenience of a Cloud application with the control and independence of a private environment.

Watch this quick rundown of Dwel by Al Segian:

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