Get Your Own Dwel

If you like the idea of Dwel and wish to get one for your household, choose one of the two options below:

1. Download and install Dwel on a web host of your choice
To use this option, you’ll need at least a basic knowledge and experience of setting up websites (web apps) on Linux-based web servers.
Your best option will be to hire a managed VPS, as Dwel is unlikely to run in a shared hosting environment. You’ll also need an SSL certificate and a domain name, registered and pointed to your web host.

If you are confident you can handle it, click this link to download your copy of Dwel*

* Please note: while Dwel is in Beta testing, this option is temporarily unavailable


2. Ask us to host your Dwel for you
We can set up your Dwel for you on our servers and provide the basic storage and bandwidth package for free.
Once you grow out of it, we’ll offer you a more suitable premium package, or you can move your Dwel to another host, if you get a better deal.
Freedom is the name of the game.

While Dwel is in Beta testing, this option is only available to residents of Melbourne, Australia

If you live in Melbourne and are happy to participate in Beta testing of Dwel click this link to get the ball rolling

Alternatively, you can:
Learn more about the Dwel apps
Play with a Demo