Transform cooking from chore to pleasure

Transform cooking from chore to pleasure

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Is cooking a chore or pleasure? I say it depends…

It’s one thing to cook when you’ve got plenty of time on a leisurely weekend afternoon, and completely different when you come home after a full day’s work and still have to put in another couple of hours to feed the family.

Yes, cooking can be a chore, particularly if you’ve never really taken the time to learn.
Most families get comfortable with a few staple dishes that are relatively easy to cook and keep churning them out week after week.

But cooking can also be fun and exciting, especially when you get better at it and begin to improvise and experiment with ingredients, spices, flavours and presentation.

The learning curve is steep – all those different measurement systems, obscure ingredients, cryptic instructions – they sure take a bit of getting used to…

And it takes so much time, particularly in the beginning, that most of us choose the path of least resistance and stick with our staple dishes.

However, times have changed and we no longer have the luxury of not caring about what we eat, and, even more importantly, what we feed to our kids.

The number of food intolerances and allergies has skyrocketed in the last decade. We’ve become more conscious of how food affects our energy levels and our general state of health.
We have learned that we must lay off the sugar, fat and wheat-laden quick-fix meals.

All of these factors are pushing us to learn more about nutrition, and about becoming a better cook.


Oh, yeah, don’t forget another factor – fussy eaters.
If you have the standard 2.4-kid family, or even if it’s just you and your spouse, chances are that different people will be fussy about different things, which makes food preparation less of a joy and more of a headache.

Whether you’re scared of cooking or excited about it, proper food management takes a lot of time, because it’s not just the cooking – it’s planning, it’s shopping, it’s cleaning up afterwards – it all takes time! So if you want to have any time to relax, you must adopt a process that streamlines all food-related activities.

We’ve designed the Dwel Food app to make life easier in every possible way – from planning your meals to buying your ingredients, to walking you through the cooking process.

You can play with the Food app at our demo sites  Рjust enter 1234 as athe PIN and click/tap the Food icon.

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