Do you have a family message board?

Do you have a family message board?

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It’s hard to beat the good old whiteboard-style message board on the fridge door, with a magnet felt pen and eraser. It’s just about the most convenient way for household-related communications – that is, until you’re out of the house…

When you’re out of the house, and you have a message to communicate to your household, you have to resort to an electronic method of messaging.

Some families use SMS texting, others various types of messaging apps. Some even create private Facebook groups for their household messaging.

Each of these methods have their pros and cons, but all of them have one significant downside in common: your private communications are exposed to data mining and marketing analysis by the companies who’s service you’re using.

While I’m sure that your household communications are far from top-secret or contain a great deal of sensitive information, I’m also sure that, all things being equal, you’d rather keep them private.

But now there’s a way to keep your household-related communications just between your household members and no one else – through the Dwel Notices app.

Because of the independent and autonomous architecture of Dwel, your data is yours, and no third party has access to it – not even your host!

So even when you’re out of the house, you can safely and privately exchange messages with your household members – let them know that you’re running late, or that the dinner is in the oven, or remind them to feed the dog, etc. And if your family is anything like mine, you’ll probably get a lot of cheek in response, but hey, that’s family for you, right? 😉

You can play with the Notices app at our demo sites – just enter 1234 as the PIN and click/tap the Notices app icon.

Australian Demo site

USA Demo site

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