How to NOT forget the in-laws’ anniversary and go fishing

How to NOT forget the in-laws’ anniversary and go fishing

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Family/social events can be pleasant and exciting, or dull and boring, or anything in between, but whether you’re dreading the thought of them or can’t wait to go, you’d better not double-book yourself, or you will be sorry!

If you’ve ever forgotten an upcoming wedding, a birthday party, or the kids’ recital; if a visit to an elderly relative or an obligatory company picnic has ever slipped your mind; if you’ve ever found yourself scrambling at the last moment for a gift or trying to find something decent to wear, you need a good family events calendar.

You could set up some type of a physical calendars, like this:

The problem is that they only show you one week, or one month at a time, and besides, they are not accessible, if you’re not at home.

You could set up an online calendar and share it between the family members, like this:

However this method has its drawbacks, chief among which is you giving your info to some online conglomerate and have to tolerate their ads. Besides, they are not ‘in your face’ – you have to remember to check them.

In Dwel all of those problems are solved.
First of all, it’s your Dwel, so no one else has access to your data, and secondly, since you use your Dwel on daily basis for other things, the built in green/orange/red reminder system won’t let you miss an upcoming event.

You can set it up so that a notification bubble will appear on the home page as many days prior to the event as you like:

You’ll check and see what’s coming up, and when:

And from then on, every time you glance at the home page,  you’ll see the notification bubble, and be reminded that you still need to buy a gift for aunt Miriam (probably ;-)).

So it’s kinda ‘in your face’, but without being too annoying, like a pop-up notification would be.

And if you’ve got your Dwel screen set up on your fridge, and keep it constantly on (see How to make any fridge Smart), then no one in the family will forget aunt Miriam’s birthday – guaranteed!

You can play with the Events app at our demo sites – just enter 1234 as the PIN and click/tap the desired app icon.

Australian Demo site

USA Demo site

Or you can just go right ahead and Get Your Own Dwel