Configuring your Dwel

The first thing you need to do, after a successful installation, is to configure your Dwel.
Please do so right after the installation or as soon as you can, because at this stage your dwel is wide open and anyone can just ‘walk in’ and take over.

The configuration screen comes up automatically and is displayed until you enter all the relevant information and save.

Throughout Dwel, you’ll see info icons next to input fields and other screen elements.
Clicking or tapping the info icon will give you some information, to help with the context.

There are three main sections to the configuration screen:

  • Dwel Title

The title will appear in the header of your Dwel at all times. Choose something short and to the point, like Kennedys Dwel, because a long title will waste valuable screen space, particularly on small-screen devices, like your phone.

  • Default User

There are two ways to log in to Dwel: one – using a PIN, and two – a User Name/Password combination.
At this stage, Dwel has no need to maintain multiple users per household, so everyone uses the same PIN or User name/Password to ‘get in’.

Just a reminder here: your Dwel is completely separate and autonomous from all other Dwels,  so when we say ‘everyone’, we mean everyone in your family, or your household – whomever you allow access to your Dwel, not the entire world :-).

For day-to-day operations it’ll be more convenient to use the PIN, however, if you or other household members forget the PIN, you can still log in using the User Name/Password combination.
You can log in using:
a) PIN
b) User Name and Password
c) Email and Password

Choose the PIN, the User Name and the Password carefully – there’s no password recovery mechanism built in to Dwel.

Make use of the PIN Hint field, as you may not remember your PIN, particularly during the early days. Set this field to something that is meaningful to you and your family, but that others won’t guess easily.
The shorter, the better, obviously :-).

  • Admin User

Administrative functions of Dwel are locked away under the Administrator login. This is to prevent unauthorized people from meddling with important settings that can affect the entire Dwel.

The Admin Name, Password, PIN, and Email cannot be the same as those of the Default User.

Be sure to use a current and functioning email address for the Admin, as it is used for important communications between Dwel Base and Dwel owners. Usually, the Admin Name and Email are pre-filled with the name and email address you used while signing up for Dwel download or to have your Dwel hosted.

Again, please remember to choose a PIN, User Name and Password carefully – there’s no recovery process in Dwel. If you lose/forget your Admin credentials, it will take a paid support call to have it re-set.
We’ve  designed it this way for your protection, to make sure that others cannot exploit the password recovery functionality, in order to break into your Dwel.

When you finish, click/tap the ‘Save the settings and proceed’ button. The system will automatically log you in as the Default User.

Welcome to your Dwel!

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