Logging In and Out of Dwel

When you type in your Dwel’s address in a browser, you’ll be greeted with the following screen:

If you type in an incorrect PIN, you’ll see the following:

Click the ‘Show PIN hint’ link and whatever was entered during setup as the PIN Hint will be displayed.

Press the CLR button if you need to ‘clear screen’.

If the PIN hint didn’t help you to remember the right PIN, you can attempt to login by other means.
Press the PWD button


and the screen changes to:

You may attempt to log in using the following combinations:

a) User Name and Password
b) Email address and Password

On both the PIN and User Name/Password screens, you’ll see a tick box with two info icons – one on each side:

Clicking/tapping the info icons will explain what the tickbox is for

and how it works

Normally, for devices used in a secure environment, such as your house, you may wish to stay logged in, so as to avoid having to log in every time you use Dwel on this device. In which case you’ll tick the tickbox, before entering the PIN or the User Name/Password.


Administration Login

To login to the Admin page of your Dwel, press the gear icon in the header to drop down the menu, then select the ‘Administration’ option.

The following screen is loaded:

This screen works the same way as the Default User login screen, except, obviously, you need to provide the administrator credentials here.

Clicking/tapping the Cancel button will return you to your Dwel’s home page.


Logging Out

To log out of both the User area and the Admin area of Dwel, from any screen, press the gear icon in the header to drop down the menu, then select the ‘Log Out’ option.


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