The Settings Menu

There are a number of operational settings in Dwel which are available to the Default User and don’t need to be protected by the Admin login.  These settings are accessed by clicking/tapping the gear icon in the Dwel header, then selecting the Settings option:

The following form pops up:

From here you can select the following options:

The Colour Scheme control – repaint your Dwel

The Film Strip widget – display random images on home page

The Login Preference control – keep logged in on specific devices

The Market Peek widget – display random Bargain posts from the Market

The Saved Localities control – create/maintain Localities for the Market to focus on

The Registered Authors control – Author registrations for posting/commenting on the Market

The Manage Subscriptions control – maintain subscriptions to post on / download from the Market

The Weather widget – display the weather for your area on Home Page



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