The Weather Widget

The Weather Widget appears on the Dwel home page, just under the app icons:

To set up your Weather Widget, click/tap the gear icon in the Dwel header, then selecting the Settings option:

The following form pops up:

From here, click/tap the Weather Widget icon, and the following form pops up:

Follow the instructions and click/tap the ‘’ link, which will open a new tab in your browser and take you to the following web page:

Begin to type in your location in the ‘Select Location’ text input, then select it from the dropdown list.

Click the Get Code button:

Return to your Dwel and right-click inside the Location box:

Select Paste, and the code for your widget will appear inside the Location box:

Tick the ‘Display on Home Page’ tickbox, then click/tap Save.

The weekly weather forecast for your selected area will appear on your Dwel’s home page.


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