Explore the individual Dwel apps and see how they can help you have more ‘you’ time:

Binder – a document management system, to help you organize your family info and photos

Budget – a finance management system, to help you spend money smartly and save more

Events – a shared calendar, to keep track of important family events and appointments

Food – a complete food planning and cooking system to make a chef out of anyone

Tasks – a task management system, to help you keep up with your chores and errands

Shopping – a shopping list for groceries and other consumables you buy on regular basis

Notices – a message board for household members, to replace sticky notes on the fridge

Market – a social media-style app, to show you special offers from your local shops

Home Page – the main screen with app shortcuts and widgets – the dashboard of your Dwel

Admin – the system setup and configuration management app – the guts of your Dwel


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