Household management involves a frequent maintenance routine, also known as chores. 
Chores are easiest when split between family members, and scheduled, to avoid procrastination. 
The Dwel Tasks app helps to do just that.

Have you heard the saying “If a man said he’ll do something, he will, no need to remind him every six months”? 
Well, now you don’t have to keep reminding your family members, or even yourself, of what needs to be done.
Dwel Tasks will do that for you, whether you’re a man, a woman or a child. 

Just look at how the Simpsons are doing it:

The tasks that are past their due date appear in red.
Too subtle? No problem, they also keep growing in size, the longer they are overdue.
This is called confrontation by software, or softrontation, for short. 

Notice how Marge and Lisa are behind on their tasks, whereas Homer and Bart are on top of theirs? We know, we were expecting it to be the other way around too! 

The number shown in the second last column is the number of days until the task is due.

Homer and Bart have four days until their tasks are due, but Marge and Lisa have gone into the negative numbers… ay caramba!

Marge is four days behind, and Lisa is… no, wait! Lisa has just ticked her task as done!

After Lisa confirms that the task is indeed finished, she gets a little ego boost:

Don’t ever say that software cannot be encouraging! 

Now, most household chores are recurring, meaning that they need to be done at regular intervals. Notice how Lisa’s task is now re-scheduled for seven days later:



Sometimes we want to have an advanced notice of an upcoming task – usually when the task is daunting and we want to psychologically prepare ourselves.

Dwel Tasks does not have traditional reminders like one-off pop-up notifications. Instead, it relies on various methods of drawing your attention to the upcoming task, including the use of different colours for tasks at various stages of ‘nearness’.

As mentioned above, tasks that are due today (or are overdue), are shown in red. Tasks that are due tomorrow are shown in orange. This behaviour is standard and applies to all tasks automatically.

If, however, you wish to be reminded of the task a few days prior, you can specify the number of days, and as soon as the task is ‘within range’ it will be shown in green.

Below, you’ll see that Lisa, responsible girl that she is, has set a four-day reminder for her next task, and it is now shown in green.

You don’t have to be inside the Dwel Tasks app to be reminded of your upcoming tasks and their various stages of urgency. The red, orange, green notification bubbles on the Homepage will do that for you:

Here’s a close-up:

At a glance, you can tell that there’s one task that will be coming due soon (green), two tasks that are due tomorrow (orange), and two others that are either due today or are overdue (red)

In the end, of course you can keep the household maintenance tasks in your head, and most people do, however using the Dwel Tasks provides an opportunity to free up a tiny bit of storage and processing power in your mind. 
All of the Dwell modules (apps) are designed to do that, and, when added together, the amount of freed up space and processing power may result in some serious peace of mind.

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