Dwel Events is a shared calendar that helps you keep track of important family events and appointments.

You get three different ways you can look at what’s coming up:



1.  The List view is good for when you want to know how many days left until a certain event(s)

2.  The Monthly view is good for quickly checking if you’ve got anything booked on a particular day, or to find a free weekend, when negotiating a catch up meet.

The little coloured dots indicate engagements booked on the day. Clicking/tapping the day will bring up the particulars:


3.  The Weekly view is good for quickly checking what the coming week looks like, in terms of family engagements



That’s really about it… Calendars are pretty self-explanatory.

The most notable thing about the Dwel Events app is the notification bubbles on the Home Page:

Every time you glance at the Home Page, it reminds you that there’s something on today, something on tomorrow, and that something else is coming up, that you need to be aware of.

We think that’s cool – how about you?

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