Dwel Food is one of the most sophisticated and advanced domestic meal planning and preparation systems around.
If any software can help you manage your kitchen like a pro, and cook like a gourmet chef, this is it! No experience necessary.


Collect recipes from all over the world!
Part of the reason why many people don’t bother with recipes is the jumbled mess of the measurement systems used in the different parts of the world.
To become fluent in (and comfortable with) the different measurement systems is a steep learning curve, involving much trial and error and a lot of converting, calculating and looking things up.

The recipe management part of the Dwel Food app will effortlessly convert between the Metric, Imperial and kitchen measurement systems. You won’t need to figure out how many ounces are in a cup, or how many grams are in a tablespoon – it is all done for you. The system calculates and tells you how much of what you need to buy, in the language you are most comfortable with.

Make exactly as much as you need!
Another problem with recipes is that they are written for a specific number of portions – usually between three and six. But what if you only need two? Or one? Your choices are either to follow the recipe and cook for the specified number (and potentially be stuck with the same dish for several days), or to do a lot of math in your head, trying to figure out the right proportions.

With the Dwel Food app, you simply enter the number of people you’re cooking for and the recipe adjusts quantities automatically. You don’t need to guess, you don’t need to do complex math in your head – it’s all done for you.

Plan your meals days and weeks ahead!
Create meal plans, so you don’t have to wonder what to cook every day. Take the guesswork out of whether you have enough time or the right ingredients on hand. The Dwel Food app streamlines all aspects of feeding your family, while saving you loads of time and mental calisthenics.

Using food plans helps you be more disciplined about what you eat. You can devise multiple plans, or download plans recommended by nutrition experts. You can maintain separate plans for different members of the family.

Planning your food allows you to plan your shopping, as well, which saves time and frustration.

Easily cater for different tastes and tolerances!
These days people, particularly kids, are fussy about what they will or will not eat. There are countless allergies, intolerances and aversions.
The Dwel Food app makes it easier to please everyone.
Recipes can be clearly marked and categorized by allergens and desired or undesired ingredients.
You can search for a substitute for any ingredient with a single click.

Too busy to cook anything interesting?
No problem! You can do a lot of prep the night before, so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen after a full day’s work. The Dwel Food app will help you identify what can be done beforehand without compromising the quality of your food.

Hate cooking? Never cooked before? Make the same three dishes over and over?
Through the Dwel Market app, you can download many sophisticated recipes with simple instructions and step-by-step pictures. We make it so simple for you, it’s like drawing by numbers. No ambiguous jargon, no presumption of previous experience, and no guesswork.

If you think cooking isn’t your forte, the Dwel Food app will soon make you change your mind. And if you are an experienced chef, you’ll appreciate the many little shortcuts and conveniences built into the Dwel Food app.


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