Market is a social media-style app, designed primarily to show you any special offers/deals from the shops in your local area.
You define your locality by selecting the suburb you live in, and any adjacent suburbs you may wish to include. You may also set a filter for the type of products and services you wish to monitor for bargain deals.
Then you just scroll down the stream, see if anything catches your eye.

You can like, dislike and comment on particular offers; you can ask questions and request the providers to get back to you with more information.

You may use the Market app to post your own bargains or special deals, if you happen to be a merchant or a service provider. Just remember: only brand-new retail products, discounted by 20% or more, qualify.

The Market app is designed to support multiple streams. You can switch streams like you would channels on your TV.

Currently there are two streams Bargains and Recipes, but more streams are coming in the near future.

The Recipes stream allows you to view the recipes posted by other people, and download them into your own collection in the Food app.

The Market app provides an easy way to connect and engage with your local product and service providers, and to support your community, but first and foremost, it is there for your convenience and to help you save time and money.


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