Dwel Notices app is a message board for the household – to replace sticky notes or the pin board on the fridge.

Well, OK, nobody uses sticky notes anymore – these days we text. But text is not ideal for inter-family communications. It’s too immediate, too intrusive, and can be a real pain when you need to communicate with more than one person.

Most household notifications do not require immediate attention. Passive notifications often suffice, so long as they are seen by the intended audience within a reasonable period of time.

Dwel Notices is an ideal alternative to both sticky notes and text messaging.
You create a new notice by pressing the + button on the toolbar:

You type your message and set the appropriate parameters:

Once you press Add, the notice will appear on the Home Page for everyone to see:

When your family members accesses Dwel on their devices (or pass by the fridge), they’ll see the message and hopefully have enough sense to heed it.

Once the message has been seen, it can be dismissed on each individual device, so it doesn’t become annoying. Even so, the little notification bubble on the Notices icon will stay on the Home Page for the specified duration, just to remind them.

Notices can be replied to, so sometimes they can turn into a group conversation – just make sure you don’t overdo it 🙂

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