Shopping List

Dwel Shopping is a simple shopping list for groceries and other consumables you buy on regular basis.
Well… seemingly simple. In fact, it is actually quite smart.

Though it looks deceptively plain, it does many things to make your life simpler.

The Dwel Shopping app provides an easy way of adding things to the shopping list, as you think of them.
Whether through a tablet on the fridge door, or through the smartphone in your pocket, you can quickly put things on your shopping list, directly from the Home Page:

You may provide as little information as just the name of the item, or you may go into details, such as the shop where you usually buy it, or any relevant purchasing instructions:

As you run out of groceries or other consumables, you can pop them onto the shopping list from the nearest screen (we recommend installing a tablet on your fridge):

And when you go shopping, you access the shopping list through your phone:

One of the conveniences that the Dwel Shopping app offers is that (if you have entered that information) the items on the list are sorted by the shop, or by the isle, to save you walking back and forth.

Another convenient feature, as far as shopping is concerned, is the ability to select a recipe from the Dwel Food app and send its ingredients to the shopping list:

You will first have the opportunity to un-tick any items you may already have on hand, then press the ‘Send to shopping list’ button, and voila:

Cool, hah? But wait, there’s more!

You can send not just an individual dish to the shopping list, but an entire food plan!

As you probably know (and if not, check out the Dwell Food app), you can set up a food plan in the Dwel Food app for any period of time – a day, a week, or even a month. You can then select the whole, or a part of that plan – say the next couple of days, and send the ingredients to the shopping list.
No more guessing, no more last minute scrambling for any missing ingredients.

You simply select the time period, generate the Ingredients List for the dishes planned in that period, and, with a press of a button, it’s off to the shopping list:

Using the Dwel Shopping app in conjunction with the Dwell Food app allows you to maximally streamline the food preparation process in your home.

Do you think you could use more time to relax? 🙂

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