Dwel - Your Own Private Family Cloud

Family Cloud

Dwel is an online operating system designed specifically for  managing family life and maintaining an efficient household, so you can have more free time


No one but you and your family members have access to your data. This is NOT a shared service - each Dwel is autonomous and completely independent

Your Own

Your Dwel is your own. Legally, physically, philosophically. You decide where it is hosted and what goes into it. There are
no ads, no Big Data, no Big Brother

do it all as a family

Why Use Dwel

Why you need a house in the cloud

Yes, you can get your own house in the cloud, yes, you can get one for free, but first, lets have a

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I have to, but I don’t have to

You know how at work you have to do the things you don’t necessarily want to do, regardless of

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Do you have a family message board?

It’s hard to beat the good old whiteboard-style message board on the fridge door, with a magne

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How to NOT forget the in-laws’ anniversary and go fishing

Family/social events can be pleasant and exciting, or dull and boring, or anything in between, but w

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Do you have a family bill payment system?

Remember the good old days of pinning bills to a board or sticking them with magnets to the fridge?

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Transform cooking from chore to pleasure

  Is cooking a chore or pleasure? I say it depends… It’s one thing to cook when you

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Do you use Shopping Lists?

These days, I rarely see people in supermarkets using shopping lists. Whether it’s because the

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Does your family have a Document Management System?

Leases, contracts, insurance policies, warranty cards, manuals, certificates, forms, leaflets, etc.

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How to make any fridge Smart

While the hi-tech smart fridges come with correspondingly high price tags, we’ll show you how

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Dwel is unique new online software - an operating system for your family life